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         As a manufacturer of CNC turn mill machine, Y.s. Precision machinery have developed our own CNC turn mill machines and assembled important parts of the machines, and hope to cooperate with agents to export the brand globally. Develop important components by yourself, and use precision measuring equipment and machining test, in order to meet the customer's precision requirements for processing and production. 

        From the initial development to the final inspection of the finished product, each production link is strictly checked and repeatedly tested to achieve the highest quality. A reliable product can win the trust of users and create more outstanding quality machine tools.

        Provide customers with complete machining solution in different industries. We assist our customers to solve machining issues and optimizing processing procedures. With our high-precision and high-quality machines, the production quality efficiently enhanced to meet customers' needs and make customers' outstanding products to be recognized by more people. 




Become one of the top machine tool manufacturers of the world, build accurate and convenient machine to push forward world progress.


Our existence is for making differences with others.


Win-win situation for 3 parties, integrity, responsibility.


    Customized Service

    Rich experience of customized services solution, professional processing program arrangement, analysis of complete requirement in equipment design.

    Quality Record

    Raw materials, inspection of assembly accuracy, finished parts machining testing, all have a complete record file in accordance with the ISO international standards for turning & milling machines, and we set more rigorous quality standard of ISO to reach more precise processing requirements.

    Professional Manufacture

    CNC Multi-Tasking Turn Mill Center, CNC Swiss-Type Turn Mill Machine, CNC Turn Mill Machine, Customized Equipment

  • Ys. Precision Machinery
    A group of people brainstorming, enhance the company’s professional technology on teamwork spirit to team’s professional knowledge growing and constant efforts in metal turning & milling processing to be excellent. Customers can benefit a lot from our product, enhance the development of the industry, and beyond the metal processing peak and challenge in unknown.
  • Brand Story
    With technology and the continuous strong enthusiasm, as the enterprise core to become regulation of the company, the technician spirit creates continuous innovation and development in new, providing customers with high-quality products and service. Assist customers to get excellent results.
  • Professional Experience
    Ys. Precision Machinery Co., LTD is a professional experience team in mechanical engineering which have a good and correct production sense can make excellent products. In the manufacturing, we strictly implement quality control to avoid the defective products for zero defects, recording several quality inspection. Ensure the quality of the machine with stable structure. Regardless of the raw materials, manufacturing processes, and finished products, they are managed in the QC/ ISO standard process. Keeping the high-quality management, we continue to invest in the latest precision testing instruments and measuring tooling to inspect products.
  • Quality control
    We have been holding this spirit of perseverance and manufacturing high-performance products. Only reliable products can build the confidence of users. From the initial machine development to the final sample inspection, every process link is strictly controlled. Key components, precision measurement and proofing are all tested repeatedly for the highest quality and close to customers' exacting requirements in processing high precision production.